Pro Auto’s team of friendly, professional mechanics have over 40 years’ experience in vehicle servicing, diagnostics and repairs.

We provide a comprehensive repair service for your vehicle’s engine, brakes, transmission, cooling system, fuel injection system, exhaust system, suspension, air conditioning and engine management system.

We provide up-front quotes on all of our work and we fully guarantee our parts and workmanship.


We specialise in vehicle Fault Diagnostics and have the latest computer controlled equipment to analyse and repair just about any problem with your car’s engine management system.

If a ‘Warning Light’ appears on your dashboard display, we can diagnose the problem for just $95.


At Pro Auto we have our own specialist brake service equipment so we can personally machine your car’s brake disc rotors and brake drums.

We also stock a full range of high quality Bendix brake disc pads and brake shoes.

All brake servicing is carried out by our fully qualified technicians to ensure your car has the optimum stopping power.

  • Machining Disc Brakes
  • Servicing Brake Callipers
  • New BENDIX Brake Pads
  • Premium Brake Fluid
  • Professional Road Test

Does your car’s automatic transmission change smoothly and quietly, or is the gear change sluggish or not changing properly?

Pro Auto’s Automatic Transmission Flushing Service will add new life to your car’s transmission.

  • Full inspection of all transmission hoses and connections
  • Complete flush of transmission
  • New high-quality transmission fluid
  • Professional Road Test

Whenever your car’s cooling system needs attention then Pro Auto are the people to see.

We’ll make sure your vehicle runs at the perfect temperature with our comprehensive Cooling System Service.

  • Full inspection of all radiator hoses and connections
  • Pressure Test of Radiator
  • Check Water Pump, Drive Belts and Radiator Cap
  • Complete flush of cooling system
  • New high-quality coolant
  • Professional Road Test

If your vehicle lacks power, has poor fuel economy, idles roughly or the engine ‘pings’ then Pro Auto’s Fuel Injection Service will add new life to your car’s performance and increase your fuel economy at the same time.

  • Full inspection of fuel lines and connections
  • Specialised Carbon Cleaning of Fuel Injectors
  • Professional Road Test

We have a large range of high quality exhaust systems in stock, everything from chrome exhaust tips and replacement mufflers & clamps to complete standard exhaust systems and high performance sports systems.

We’ll advise you on the best exhaust system to suit your car and our expert installers will have your car sounding great in no time.

We stock all the big brands

  • Streetfighter
  • Manta
  • Pacemaker

Our exclusive AIRCO Service will eliminate bacteria, remove odours and return a new car smell to your vehicle for just $89.

Pro Auto also provides a full Air Conditioning Service for your car. We will inspect the complete system and make all the necessary adjustments to ensure your cabin temperature is perfect……all for just $220.


At Pro Auto we have the latest state-of-the- art Wheel Balancing Equipment which is capable of hi-tech wheel balancing on just about every type of wheel rim available.

We can professionally balance standard rims, sports alloy rims, racing rims, 4WD rims and commercial rims.

Our computer controlled programme will locate the balance weights behind the spokes on sports rims, so no weights are visible from the outside.

We also provide a complete tyre replacement service and free wheel rotation.


At Pro Auto we provide our exclusive range of comprehensive PRO CHECK inspections and written reports.


Call us on 9256 1499 to book an inspection with one of our friendly mechanics.

Car Repairs Perth

Finding qualified and accredited mechanics, who perform car repairs in Perth, is of the utmost importance to keep your vehicle in tip-top condition. Sometimes your vehicle may only require a few repairs rather than a full service.

What You Should Know About Our Car Repairs in Perth

At Pro Auto Service Centre, we'll ensure all aspects of your car are in perfect working condition, allowing you to feel safe and secure when you're out on the roads. Here is some information about a few of the vehicle repairs we have on offer:

  • Your brakes are probably one of the parts of your vehicle with the most wear and tear, and having brakes in perfect working condition is vital to driving safely. When you hear your car start to make noises when you brake, or you don't slow down as quickly as normal, it's time for your vehicle to undergo a full brake service in Perth. Once we have replaced your brake pads, discs, callipers, and fluid, we'll take your vehicle for a professional drive to ensure everything is in perfect driving condition.
  • When you start to struggle to change gears and find that they feel sluggish or stuck, it may be that your car requires a transmission service in Perth. We'll flush the entire system and add fresh, high-quality transmission fluid to your vehicle, allowing a smooth drive.
  • During the summer months, temperatures can become quite high, making driving uncomfortable if your air conditioning isn't in working order. We offer car air conditioning repairs in Perth, where we'll run a complete diagnostic on your air conditioning system. Our diagnostics include checking the pumps and hoses, flushing the coolant system, and testing the system to ensure there aren't any leaks.

At Pro Auto Service Centre, we only use only the highest quality products in all our customers’ vehicles.